They come from all corners of the Galaxy, banded together to fight the fight they believe to be right, to answer the call of the ones with no voice, to stand fast in the face of the greatest adversities, to inspire hope where all seems lost. The noblest of warriors, the bravest of champions, and the closest of friends you will find within their mighty halls. We are the harbingers of peace and justice and we shall prevail over the darkest of evils, we shall light the way for the weary and the downtrodden and together we shall forge friendships and alliances unending. Evil take flight when the Guardians unite!

Welcome to the Galaxy Guardians!

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Hey everybody welcome to our page, this will be a place we can keep in contact, provide information pertaining to the guild, share guild events and activities, and to help and have discussions with your guild mates.

Galaxy Guardians is a mostly PvE(some PvP) based, casual, light side republic guild of all classes and races. We are a close knit group of people that have been playing together for almost two years. We started out in another guild, sadly the leader left and it went dead so we decided to start our own. We usually have something going on daily, and if we dont we are always up for it, so all you have do to is ask.

We are always looking for mature, active players to join us. Most of our members are force users, but to save the galaxy from the tyranny of the empire we will all need to ban together and fight together. . In the short time we have been around we have come a long way.

What we have to offer.
  • Full service stronghold, complete with vendors, storage bays, gtn kiosk, and cantina for guild functions
  • Flagship
  • Team speak server
  • Website
  • Great friendly atmosphere, and great people that like to game with others

We have five ranks in the guild:
Recruit- Basic guild membership with few guild permissions
Member- Basic guild membership with added permissions(Guild bank access, member notes)
Lieutenant-  Advanced guild membership(guild bank, recruitment, member notes, view officer notes)
GateKeeper- Special rank designated for stronghold decorator
Officer- Highest guild rank possible with all permissions

To get promoted within the guild the only thing we ask of our guild members is to register on our page(without registration to the page you will not be eligable for promotion beyond recruit), be helpful, participate in guild events and activities, and contribute to the guild bank(Items or credits). Just by doing those few things you can be promoted to a lieutenant rank. Officer ranks are something that have to be voted upon by all officers and the guild master, these ranks are for the most dedicated of our members.

If you have any other questions feel free to click the contact us link in the tool bar.
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