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Joined: 17th May 2015
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22nd Aug 2015

hello, i got promotion to officer, and i am banker.

any u need to sell stuffs, drop in bank or mail to me.
it is my job to sell it and manage bank for guild. (ever junks)
goal is more money in banker for try to get yavin 4 and stuffs for guild.
feel free to do it.

if have any question, post it or mail to me in swtor game.

thank all of u.
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Joined: 3rd Nov 2014
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23rd Aug 2015

Congratz on promotion No worries I have plenty of stuff for you to sell lol

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Wait ...... What?!?

Joined: 3rd Nov 2014
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23rd Aug 2015

Congratulations Gold, thanks for all the help. I am sure we will have lots of stuff for you.
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