Guild Stronghold and Flagship Decorations
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17th May 2015

Hi everyone,
there will be some changes to the Stronghold and Flagship decorations soon, we gonna make some howl over changes to the decorations, so that it better fits the Stronghold and Flagship. You can put your 6 senses here.
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17th May 2015

Plants, Plants and more Plants ...... and NO BUGS!!! LOL just kidding you do Awesome Hisa I want Manaan decorations /sigh but there are none just don't forget the Hut Ball so I can chase you guys around with it lol
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Wait ...... What?!?

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18th May 2015

Ya I like the idea of the manaan flower pots for the trading area. I have a bunch of the manaan relics so I could probably get a few of them today. I say the manaan flower pots because they look more office like, more like something you might see in a military base, or office or something, just to add some color to the room but not to much color, if that makes since.

I think for the bridge deck, that we should have it more military, fleet, type looking. The rest of the floors we can do all sorts of things with and go crazy. With it being a republic ship though, I feel like we should stay on a realistic look and feel for the first level, being bridge deck with the bridge, trade area, and escape pods.
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