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29th Dec 2014

Hey guys, as some of you know I've been foolin around with this game called Rust. Its a survival/crafting game where you built you own house and the rest is up to you. I figured it be cool to post updates every now and again about how my Rust adventures are going. Let me bring you up to speed.....

Day 1: I was roaming aimlessly around the giant world I have mysteriously awoken in. I stumbled upon a built foundation on top of a hill next to a snow covered mountain, I quickly claimed the site as my own!! In the next few days I have built a basic stone house with all my needs to survive safely stashed inside. 

Day 7: I've been gathering up plenty of rocks and wood to further construct my shelter. I now have this idea in my head to built a type of castle that's secure on the bottom level(s) and more open on the higher levels. I have installed a bunch of windows that are handy for scouting out my area for threats. Tonight I heard gun shots in the close by area and they were very loud! Alarmed I asked "whats with all the shooting?" then I was rushed by a man clad like a lumber jack and he killed me quickly with his rifle. I lost a ton of supplies but I'll manage. I respawn inside my shelter and I can hear this unwelcome murderer singing "Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood". Later he leaves. 

Day 8: I've been building higher and higher, the walls of my wooden castle! Lanterns now fill the first and second floors with light and warmth. I keep working on my high tower when I hear a knocking! Someone is at my door! Now what should I do? The only other interactions I've had with the "strangers" has been unfriendly and rather violent at my expense! I was able to look down upon the two naked beings that claim to be friendly and near death of starvation. Preferring to stay on the safe side, I say to them, I cannot allow you in but I shall rain food and cloth down upon you from on high! Most pleased the "strangers" awaited eagerly while I fetched my stashed goods. While I was making my way outside (without opening any doors) I dropped down from the second floor only to be brutally betrayed by the "strangers" having been robbed of my charitable gifts I remained inside the safety of my castle foundations till the threat moved on.

More to come guys. It will be fun writing these "captain's logs" and hopefully I can figure out how to get screenshots of my castle in progress up on the site too. If any of you guys pick up the game you are most welcome in my home!
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