Legacy Wide Datacrons could be in our future.
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13th Aug 2015

Hey guys, found this on the dev blog and thought I would share it. They are talking about making datacrons legacy wide in fallen empire, meaning you don't have to get them with every single toon. I know I am excited to see if this makes it in the game because I for one hate getting the damn things. Sure they are not all that hard to get a lot of times just time consuming and a pain in the ass. So I would much rather get them one time and be done. Here is what they actually had to say:

Hey folks!

I wanted to pass on a little tidbit that I heard this morning. We are very actively looking to put Legacy-wide Datacrons into Knights of the Fallen Empire! We know this has been widely requested for many years and so the Design team is working as we speak to get it in.

As always, this is not a guarantee that it will make it in, but the team is hard at work to make it happen


Like I said, this was pulled right from the dev blog here.

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