Lucas Interview: Got Tired of Criticism
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20th Nov 2015

Why George Lucas has no desire to direct another "Star Wars" film.

So yesterday in an interview with Fanity Fair, Lucas said why he hasn't made or done anything with the star wars franchise for so long. Not sure if anybody has seen this or not but I thought it was pretty interesting, and it really answers the question, of why there hasn't been anything star wars besides the animated series, and why he choose to ultimately sell the franchise.

He said he choose to hand the reins over to Disney, because he definitely has no desire left to helm another film in the franchise. “You go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized,”  “And it’s not much fun. You can’t experiment.”

He does still love the franchise, and has a vested interest in what Disney does with the films, specially what becomes of Darth Vaders grand kids, and to see if they expand on the story more then just Luke Skywalker.

He then also pointed out that if he could be any of the Star Wars Characters, the one he would most want to be is Jar Jar Binks.

Remember the new movie is out in theater on December 18th.
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20th Nov 2015

I'll be going to see it
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Wait ...... What?!?

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24th Nov 2015

i am going to see it with CC in in dec lol. btw lot STAR WARS ITEMS ARE IN since nov until end of dec lol.
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