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12th Aug 2015

Hey guys, so I am going to hijack Slags poll post and turn it into a give away. Anybody that votes and posts their reason for why which story is the best will be entered into a drawing, and the names will be randomly chosen. Please make sure not to include any spoilers for people that have not completed the story lines. If you are going to include a spoiler make sure to include the spoiler code like this [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] without the space between the brackets. I will keep this going tell Saturday the 29th of August to give everybody a chance. Thanks guys now get posting for your chance to win a pack.

Here is a direct link to slags thread: ... line-wmf/getpage/2#2
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12th Aug 2015

Lol when I first read the part where it says "I am going to hijack slag's," I swore for a secound that you somehow broke into my account and where going to buy and then give away some cartel packs through it. XD
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