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13th Aug 2015

Hey guys, we have a new conquest coming up on August 18th. We need 35,000 points to win it, and there are 5 planets available to invade so we may have a chance with this one. There are a couple warzone planets, which I think we will go for a planet with warzone bonuses as we usually get a lot of warzones in.

You will get $19,642 credits for completing the personal reward, as well as a $25,000 credit voucher you can turn into any vendor for the $25,000 credits. That means you will get a total of $44,642 credits along with some rare crafting nodes, and other things.

If we can keep the guild on the leaderboard of the top 10 we can then also win the guild rewards which will make you even richer. So each of you that completes the personal reward will then get a guild reward of another $19,642 credits with an even larger credit voucher of 50k, giving you an additional $69,642. Along with more of the rewards from personal as well as an Encryption to unlock the rooms of the flagship.

So if you are keeping track you get a total of $114,284 credits for completing the conquest. I would love to see us stay on the board and win this thing so lets try to get out there and get some conquest points. Here is a breakdown of the Death Mark Conquest.

Conquerable Planets: Tatooine, Nar Shaddaa, Quesh, Makeb, The Black Hole
  • Tatooine: Warzones, Flashpoints, Operations, Starfighter
  • Nar Shaddaa: Warzones
  • Quesh: Warzones, War Supplies
  • Makeb: Warzones, War Supplies
  • The Black Hole: Warzones
Personal/Guild Reward goal: 35,000

You can also find all the conquest missions and points rewarded for each on the conquest page HERE.

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