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23rd Dec 2014

I just had a regular customer come into my work and he gave me all 5/5 of the star wars pez dispensers cuz we talk about star wars and comic books when he walks in. I love the random act of kindness and it put a smile on me.

I was also surprised to see what I wrote is now on the front page of the website that's great and I'm glad you guys like it that much. This also put a huge smile on my face. You guys are awesome!
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24th Dec 2014

That is pretty cool. When I worked at walmart I had a really awesome older couple that just made my day once. I was a cashier at that time and the lady wanted to give me a 5 dollar tip for such great customer service. Well at walmart it was against policy for us to except tips and I told her I could not except the money and that if I did I could literally loss my job, so they turned around and bought me lunch instead

Its the small things like that that really make your day. Things like that, that let you know that maybe there is some hope for us humans yet.

Also I did love what you wrote, I thought it was awesome.
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