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10th Dec 2014

Any fans of Red Vs Blue out there? I love the show. You can watch it all for free on youtube, netflix, prime, what have you. It starts off mostly as just a comedy based in the Halo universe but as the seasons progress it becomes very story driven and very endearing. The end of season 10 when they confront "The Director" was a triumph of writing and a total heart wrencher  for me. What are your favorite RvB moments?? 

Here is the first season for anyone who's never watched it before.
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10th Dec 2014

I seen this the other day when I was searching through netflix. I honestly haven't watched this since the first season, kind of forgot about it. I am going to have to start watching it again, from what I remember it was hilarious.

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10th Dec 2014

Yeah one of my favorite right there, love it, lots of fun even tho I never played Halo =D
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10th Dec 2014

The best scene his : protect me cone in the tex fight haha i think that was in season 8

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