Sorry I have been gone
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Joined: 3rd Nov 2014
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1st Jul 2015

Hey guys, just wanted to touch base with everyone. I have been pretty sick the last few days, and we are battling some sort of bug infestation around our house so I havent been feeling up to playing or just not been able to play this last week. Soon as I start feeling better I will be back around.

Also I didnt forget about the Cartel pack give away, when I come back around we will talk about a winner, although, as I said in the news announcement, we havent had any website activity, so we may not have a winner this month. Thanks guys, see you in game.

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2nd Jul 2015

Hope you get better man. I also been gone for awhile but I plan to get back on soon. Hope to see you back in the game soon.
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