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Are you enjoying the beta?

It's fun .
It's fairly good.
It's ok.
It's not that good.
It's bad.
Worst game ever!!
Can't play it.

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9th Oct 2015

This is just a place for use to share our stories and such form the front.

To start this of I'll tell you guys about a hilarious event during my first Walker Assualt match:

So there I was a lowly Snowtrooper on the icy planes of Hoth. The battle had started a little earlier and we were managing to hold off the rebel scum but not for much longer, we needed to make a darastic move. I joined up with a small group of fellow troopers, our goal was simple: flank one of the major rebel deployment points and annihilate them as they came in. Almost immediately men where dying left and right but we continued on.

Ok so it's not really funny right now but I'm getting to there. Anyways, we had finally made it to the zone, but soon we realized, IT'S A TRAP!!!! Suddenly swarms of Rebels were overrunning us and I quickly found myself as the soul-survivor, but what was I to do?

I looked to my right and there it was, it was time to get my revenge. I quickly hopped into the near by turret and did what any well trained soldier of the Empire would do: laugh manically as I wipe out the incoming Rebels, who seem to think that I was on THEIR side!!!!!! It was absolutely hilarious, I was killing them as they came and it took awhile for someone to figure it out but even then a majority of the Rebels thought I was on their side, though the blast marks clearly showed otherwise. Though eventually all of them realized what I was doing but by that time I had already killed dozens of them and I had finally gotten the same joy I had gotten the first two BF games.
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11th Oct 2015

Unfortunately I cant play it. I don't have an xbox one or ps4. My computer wouldnt be able to handle it I am sure so it will be awhile before I can play it. Will have to get an xbox one to play that one on. I would love to play it though, looks fantastic and I loved the old one on regular xbox.

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