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17th Jan 2015

So I try installing the latest update to this game right, and once it hits a 100%, it stops! It acts like it isn't finished installing nor will it let me enter the game! Is anyone else having this issue? Also, pls don't kick me for inactivity, I can't play the game because of this issue.
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17th Jan 2015

Hey no worries man, don't worry about it. You would have to be inactive for much longer to be removed. Thats for the update, but for me all I can tell you about the update is it downloaded for me really quickly. Once it was installing though was a whole other thing. I only took about hour and a half for it to install for me. Once it was installed though no issues so not sure what is going on.

Usually when I am having problems with the game though I have been able to simply reinstall the game launcher and it has taken care of the problems for me. To reinstall the launcher you just have to go to www.swtor.com/download and it will ask you to save, once its downloaded run it. It will say it detects it being installed already and you just need to click reinstall. Once its installed run it, it will update, then it should try the patch and you hopefully will be ok at that point.

Let me know if you need any other help, we will try to get you back into the game.
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