What Reboot or Sequel Do You Want?
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23rd Dec 2014

So what games from yesteryear would like to revived and a reboot or sequel made? I say yesteryear because most of the games I would love to see done are older ones, they don't have to be older though.

The one game I would love to see have a reboot, or sequel made the most, is hands down System Shock 2. It is a first person shooter action role playing survival horror game, and probably one of the most frightening games I have ever played to this day. They thought about making a new series of System Shock games in 2006 but then decided to go a different route and turned the series into the game series BioShock. The Bioshock series was great, don't get me wrong, but I would much rather them continue with System Shock. This was probably one of the first RPG's I had ever played. Before that I really only played all the older FPS's like The first doom, the first Duke Nukem, MechWarrior, The great games that all came out around 95 or so.

Another great title I would love to see again would be Jade Empire. I still have that game, and still play it occasionally.
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