What's you favorite class storyline?
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What is your favorite class stroyline

Jedi Knight
Jedi Counseler
Bounty Hunter
Imperial Agent
Sith Warrior
Sith Inquisitor

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11th Aug 2015

Just curious to see what we all like. My personal favorite is the trooper because I really enjoyed the final mission for all three chapters(especially the third). So what's yours(pls answer the poll and comment on which one you chose and why)?
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12th Aug 2015

This is a really tough choice. I have now completed the knight, consular, smuggler, and most of the trooper story. Have to finish chapter 3 of the trooper. For me though, its really a toss up between the knight(
really liked being able to fight the emperor
), or the consular. The consular was fun and a great story for dark side(
even though I felt there should have been some consequences for murdering all your masters
)and light side. To me you seem to see the real power a jedi can have from the consular story.

I know a lot of people hate the consular story and think its one of the worst, and slowest stories, being just dreadful to get through, but really I think its the best one. The plot twist at the end is very nice. I dont want to give anything else away for people that havent played it so I wont go into anymore detail. Just know thats my favorite.
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12th Aug 2015

I enjoy most of the stories but if I have to choose one it would be the smuggler mostly because it is the funniest character to play.... "Awwww stop, you're making me blush"

Trooper I think I have a hard time with all the yes sir no sir bologna.... Consular like Aric said the story is very slow and dull but both are good toons to play. My Sentinel I Love cause she has a little of a smart ass side as well .

Warrior, Inquisitor and Bounty Hunter I have really enjoyed mostly cause I can hate everyone and not feel guilty about it lol. But the stories are really fun, pretty much just expect everyone to try to stab you in the back at one point or another. Agent I haven't done much of yet but from seeing Sam's quests I know I will love all the twists in that story.

(no spoilers for you Aric)
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Wait ...... What?!?

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12th Aug 2015

I enjoyed Imperial Agent the most so far, mostly because they did a great job with the idea of an "agent", and the voice acting is phenomenal. Smuggler is a close second because it's basically just a space comedy, the dialogue is great. (I went light side for both btw)
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13th Aug 2015

All the class story's are some what good, I liked the Sage story, but I also started Imp Agent and kinda like that too
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17th Aug 2015

i vote well and hard to choice.

some class story are good and some are sometime worst. lol

trooper is little dull but though story it build up from bottom rank to top rank and with the trust. very pro-military and anyone not want to messing with trooper lol.

smuggler is good, it is funny and sometime jerk.
counsular/inquisitor is very long as slow and very dull yep however it is good with power as do not messing with it power.

agent is ok and some story is more like which to can trust or not, still sometime fun of that.
bounty hunter, warrior, knight is not much i play but will take time to know it to more story in future.

i voted trooper for best.
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18th Aug 2015

Agent...'Nough said.
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