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13th Nov 2015

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but... here it is... Legendary Status can not be obtained by creating lvl 60 toons.  You actually have to play through each story to get the status.  See below:

“Legendary status is achieved by completing the full eight class-specific stories in the original Star Wars:   The Old Republic.   Upon completion legendary players are granted a unique in-game portrait frame and viewed as “Legendary” across the galaxy.”

Now it appears that maybe you can get the legacy achievement for the lvl 60 but you will not get the status.  Sorry

Personally I can understand them doing that being it wouldn't be fair to those that put the time in and lvl'd 8 toons to 60.  No worries though being we have toons in both factions we can help out on either side
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Wait ...... What?!?

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