This weeks GG spot!
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Hey everybody, lots happening this week. Just wanted to cover some of the guild and game happenings.

The forums have been pretty active lately, which contributed to our guild webpage winning the most active guild award, so again congratulations on being active. I set a new area in the forums to post any guides or tutorials so everybody can find them easily. If you have any ideas for guides or anything make sure to post your guides there. Dont hasitate to ask for help if you are working on a guide, I am more then happy to help.

3.0 came out today so lots of new changes in the game, there is a discussion thread to talk about the new expansion and the changes made.

With the 12x xp boost over now we have more 55's in the guild now so lets try to do some hardmodes and flashpoints with all our new high level toons.

Last thing I want to bring up, we are going to try to set up a pvp event for everybody in the guild. Its really just going to be for something fun to together just for the fun of it. We have a discussion going about the pvp tournament so please feel free to give us you input.

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