Cartel Pack, Bounty Week, & Conquest
Aric'thebeard 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th May 2015
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Hey guys, Just an update on how we are doing. Conquest is now over, but with us bringing in 300,000 conquest points I think we did a fantastic job, even if we didn't end up on the board at the end. So lets see if we can beat that number next time and get on that board and win the rewards!

Remember the Cartel Pack Give-Away is coming up this Saturday the 30th. Anybody that is registered the the site is eligible. All you have to do to win is be checking the site daily, participate in conversations, and just being generally active on the site. 

Last thing is bounty week. We are going to be holding daily bounty events to help everybody complete the bounty contracts. This is for all level 15 and above, so you don't have to be max level to take part in this. If you want to take part, go to the fleet and pick up a Coruscant bounty contract each day and at 4pm pacific, 7pm Eastern we will make the bounty run. A couple times out of the week we may even throw in a kingpin contract as well.

Thanks guys see you in game.

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