Guild Chat, Swtor expansion, and E3 2015!
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General Guild News
Hey guys, just an update for you.

We now have a guild chat room for everybody to use, it is incorporated right into the chat feature we already have at the bottom right hand side of the screen. This is something everybody can use, and everybody will see. So if you have something you would like to share with the guild but do not want to create a forum topic you now can use this as well.

There is an annoucement for the new expansion for swtor that we should see in the next few days. Sounds like from what I have heard its going to be a pretty big expansion adding new companions, new stories, new planets and a whole lot more. I will have more information for you tomorrow after EA's E3 press conference.

Last but not least you can check out the E3 2015 forums for all things related to E3. I will be keeping up with everything that happens so you have a sort of one stop shop for everything E3. It starts today at 6:30 PDT so if you are interested in the Bethesda Press Conference, head to the E3 forums and you will find the livestream there.

Have fun and see you in game.

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