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Aric'thebeard 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 19th Jul 2015
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Hey guys, so we have been working on a new website for the last few days, and we are finally ready to show you. Just click  here to check out our new site and please let us know what you think.

Right now its open registration so no application process to get set up on the new site, just click register and then you are ready. All that would be left is to spruce up your account, you can customize a list of the games you play, upload your characters information to show off all your characters, and much more that we couldn't do from our current site.

This we will begin to phase out our current website so please everybody make sure to try to register for the new site as soon as you are able to. Anybody that has not registered for the new site when we decide to close our current page will be demoted to recruit rank in the guild. Don't worry though, we don't want to do that so you will be notified before hand, and you will get your rank back soon as you have registered for the new site. Thanks everybody, see you in game.

P.S. We still have Cantina Mount Codes, for those that have not received one. You can find the codes right on the front page of the new site, just click Claim Your Cantina Mount, then copy and paste the code into your address bar for your mount and unique code.

29th Jul 2015 Aric'thebeard
You can all disregard this, we ill be keeping our website with iclans. After some time with the new website, and losing our free trial to the premium version, it is in our best interest to continue right here.
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