Sorry to waste your time guys.
Aric'thebeard 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Jul 2015
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Hey guys, so it is with a sigh that I have to tell you we are going to have to move back to our old website. This website was on a free trial of 14 days, that trial is now gone, and with it, 90% of the features. When the trial ended it took away half our page, after a couple hours I got it looking the same again, but we are still missing a lot of features we used. We lost the ability to use the gallery, the events calender, the chat room, and most of modules on our page.

Sorry to ask you all to come over to the new site, I should have done some more research before I asked. You can all do whatever you like with you enjin accounts, but I will be closing the site down in a few days time. To show my appreciation in this the 7 of you that moved to the new site will get a cartel pack reward, come see me in game to claim your pack. Thanks again guys.

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