We came, we saw, we CONQUERED!
Aric'thebeard 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Aug 2015
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CONGRATULATIONS! We have finished our first ever conquest on the board.

We finish in 9th place with a total of 574,959 points. We did a fantastic job, great job everybody. You guys put in a lot of hard work and I am extremely proud to see that we won this thing. We had 7 characters finish personal conquest as well, so we really did a great job.

I want to recognize everybody and their hard work, so a big thank you to Sam who finished two characters, Vled, Gold, Slag, Hisa, Llunna who also finished two characters, and myself. Now I want to give special recognition to Llunna, who got most of our conquest points on her own. She stayed up way to late, doing pvp tell she was blue in the face, worked her companions to the bone crafting, and was able to get over 200k conquest points with her group of toons. We really appreciate your hard work, all of you hard work. So again congratulations on your hard work completing our first ever completed conquest.

25th Aug 2015 Vled
Only if team uses a couple of "L"'s to spell it.
24th Aug 2015 Llunna
lol I think my face may have been red at times :P .... and Corso won't shut up about me making his fingers bleed .... :D Thank you Aric but it was a definite team effort that kept us on the board. You guys are the best!! <3 WooHoo Go Galaxy Guardians!!
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