2 days left to vote, livestream info.
Aric'thebeard 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Aug 2015
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Hey guys, yesterday was the livestream for the first ever look into actual gameplay from Fallen Empire. Despite the problems they had with the stream, it was actually a pretty good stream. Made me that much more excited for Fallen Empire. There are some threads up now with a bunch of the information from the live stream.

You can check out the  Pax Prime Wrap Up for a few of the questions and answers they did during the livestream, and just some of the general information they covered during the stream. From the livestream we also got another Cantina code for another mount and random item pack, get your code at the  Pax Prime Cantina Code thread. Use the last code Llunna posted for now, that one should work ok. Or you will be able to use the rest of the codes on, and after the 29th.

There is a Dev Blog where they are answering people questions they have about companions after 4.0. You can check out the questios that have been answered, along with those answers on the  Swtor 4.0 Companion Q&A thread. There is some good information on here and I am sure there will be much more by the time Fallen Empire actually releases.

Last but not least the cartel pack giveaway is in only 2 days so if you havent voted your favorite class story get on it for you chance at a cartel pack. Thanks everybody see you in game.

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