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Aric'thebeard 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Sep 2015
General Guild News
Hey guys, couple things to share.

We have a new team speak server. One we can call our own, this is one we ourselves are hosting. We don't pay for it and we are not limited by what the hosting company wants to give us. Which means we now have 32 slots for people, we can now also transfer files if we wanted, and we can customize every aspect of our server.

You can find the new server information on the Team Speak Server Info Thread.

We have some new guides up in the Guides and Tuturials Forums. There are guides for getting the Makeb Gazebo when 4.o releases, as well as new crafting guides to help you max out your crafting skills. There will be more crafting guides up in the next few days as well, so keep your eye on them if you need some help with crafting.

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