Smug and Agent class changes, & conquest changes!
Aric'thebeard 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Sep 2015
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Hey guys, so a few things to cover in the new today.

First, as many of you have seen, or maybe noticed in game, a few of us have not been around much. Reason for this is we actually just wanted to try out some other games for a bit before the expansion comes out. If you check out the WE ARE TRYING SOME NEW GAMES thread for information on the games we have been playing.

Next up we have the class changes we will see in Fallen Empire for the smuggler and agents. I would suggest reading this over if you play a smuggler or agent, if not it wont make much difference to you but maybe some general information. You can check out the thread 4.0 Class Changes For Agent and Smuggler.

There will be some changes to the way conquest works, not a lot of changes, or huge changes but some changes that will still get some people happy and angry. For those of you that have participated in conquest with us already you know know what these changes will mean. You can check out the changes on our SWTOR Conquest Changes in Fallen Empire
thread to read about the changes. I feel these will actually be a good change, I know they may not feel like it restricting the crafting you are able to do with conquest. As they said though, the majority of guild are doing nothing but crafting so for those guilds that do the actually missions and things for conquest, it will give them a better chance at winning the guild rewards. Not to mention the amount of points needed to complete the personal are going to be dropping.

Last thing was just a short video the devs put together to show people some of the stuff they have been working on with Fallen Empire, its only a few minutes long so check it out if you interested, you can find it on our thread SWTOR KoTFE Story and Writing Video.

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