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Aric'thebeard 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Sep 2015
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A few things to cover this time. First just want to congratulate Slag for winning this months poll give away. Remember we will have a new poll every single month were you are able to vote for your chance at winning. We have a new poll up on the site now and its a great one, I hope to see some good discussion up about this one. Remember for your chance at winning you have to vote, and comment to why you voted the way you did. You can find the new poll up on the forums at the Star Wars Vs. Star Trek! thread

Due to problems we have been having with our domain we will be going back to the original If you have the page bookmarked and are unable to access the site, that is why so you will want to go back to using the original. Sorry for the confusion with this. It was switched in the first place to make it easier to remember but so far the servers that host the domain have not been reliable at all and cause the site to go down on a daily basis. So again, today the sites address will be changed back to the original

Last but definitely not least, we are getting really close to the release of the expansion. For those that have been subscribed this whole time, basically since it was announced we will get early access on the 20th of October for all other subscribers you will get access starting on October 27th.

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