Lots of new content, more information on KOTFE.
Aric'thebeard 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Oct 2015
Knights of the fallen Empire
Hey guys so lots of new stuff to cover. Swtor has released some more changes we will see with the expansion.

First things first though, in honor of the release and the changes they are making to the cartel market they are having a huge sale on all cartel market packs, that includes hypercrates and regular packs. You can find out more about the changes they are making to the cartel market on the forum thread Cartel Market Changes in Fallen Empire. You can check out the information for the sale on the thread All Cartel Markets Packs on Sale from October 6-20.

They also have posted some information about the combat changes we will see in Fallen Empire. Some is stuff we have already heard about, such as the new mastery stat replacing all main stats. It does go deeper and has more information then we previously knew about. You can read about all the changes on the forum Combat Changes in Fallen Empire.

Now to something we have not heard about before, and we all have been wondering about. What are they going to do after release about the 12x boost? How will the expansion effect gameplay for the core worlds, and leveling from 1-50? Now we have some information about this stuff and you can read about the changes on the post Fallen Empire Core World Changes.

Dont forget we also have a new poll up on the site, this month its Star Wars Vs. Star Trek. What universe would win if they were to battle it out? Vote and comment to why you voted the way you did and you are entered into the drawing to win a cartel pack. You can find the poll at Star Wars Vs. Star Trek.

22nd Oct 2015 Mkijek
I like the "All Cartel Packs", but it turned the market around. Can't wait for it to settle down again and make some credits again LOL.
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