New expansion, new event, new cantina code
Aric'thebeard 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Aug 2016
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Hey guys, been awhile since we have had a new news post. I was strong armed into playing again, and now that I am there are a lot of new things in game, and coming up so I thought I would update the forums with some new posts.

We have a new expansion coming to the game very soon, fall of 2016. It will be called Knights of The Eternal Throne. We have no info on it yet, EA/Bioware, are being very tight lipped about it as of now. They gave us a teaser picture to look at but nothing else. You can find some info on it and see the teaser pic in the forum post.
We have a new event running right now called Light Vs. Dark. During this event you can make a new character starting at level 1 and continue through the full story, getting rewards for the different milestones you pass along the way. You will be able to earn things like mounts, pets, armors, and ultimately in the end you will be rewarded with a new companion. The companion will either be a light side Jedi knight, or dark sided Sith, depending on the choices you have made during the story. Here is the forum post
so you can check it out if you like.

Lastly, we have a new cantina code for a new mount. This code is a little different then the old cantina codes we used to get, no dyes, or junk stuff, just the mount. Also you will not get your own code to share, this time its just a single code for everybody to use. Get the code in the forum post.

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